On our .. Slashers, flail mowers, rotary hoes, post hole diggers and finishing mowers.


Agpro warrants only against defects in materials or workmanship for 12 MONTHS from the original purchase date. The effective date of purchase is decided solely by Agpro.

The purchaser and/or dealer are responsible for disassembling the defective part/s and reassembling the new part/s. Agpro shall not be responsible or liable for the cost of field labour or other charges incurred in removing and/or reassembling any part/s.

Defective part/s may need to be returned to Agpro as part of the Warranty process and freight costs each way will be paid by the purchaser and/or dealer for the defective part/s.

No Warranty will be provided on any ie; augers, auger teeth, slasher blades, flail mower blades, rotary hoe blades, ripper tynes, rippers, tynes, discs, scarifier tynes, clutch plates, friction plates, wheels/tires, bearings and belts.

This warranty is void in circumstances where:
1. The product has been misused, abused, neglected or damaged.
2. The product has been improperly assembled, repaired, serviced or maintained.
3. The product has been modified.
4. The product has been connected to other equipment with which it is not compatible.
5. The product has been used for purposes other than for which it was designed.
6. Agpro reserves the right to determine whether the product is defective.
7. Agpro is not responsible and does not accept any responsibility for damages in transit.
8. Agpro takes no responsibility for the repair of any products rendered defective or damaged through normal wear and tear or incorrect use of the product.
8. Agpro is not responsible to damages for personal injury, damages to other equipment, other property damage, whether suffered by you or by a third party. We accept no liability resulting from your failure to assemble the product correctly.
9. Agpro is not liable for damages based upon inconvenience for the defective product, loss of use of the product, loss of time, loss of profits, loss of business opportunity, loss of goodwill, interface with business relationships and/or other commercial loss.
10. Any work commenced associated with repairs on the defective product without approval from Agpro will not be covered by Warranty.
11. Dealers and/or agents of Agpro are not authorised to give warranty on behalf of Agpro product Claims and will only be recognised and authorized by Agpro directly.
12. Product design and specifications are subject to change due to our Agpro policy of improvement. Design changes and improvements maybe made by Agpro whenever it believes the effectiveness of its products can be improved. Agpro has no obligation to incorporate any improvements to products in which are currently in service or have been supplied.


1. Purchaser and/or dealer require contacting Agpro and providing a brief accurate description of the defects and will also require sending photos or video footage of the defective product that will be required to process the Warranty Claim.

Note: No work shall be commenced without the approval from Agpro as the Warranty will be void if any work has commenced.

2. The claim will be assessed by Agpro to determine whether the warranty claim will be approved. The warranty claim may take up to 2 to 5 business days to assess associated with the product failure and to be determined for the final Warranty Claim.

3. Purchaser and/or dealer are responsible for personal travel costs and freight charges associated with the delivery and processing of the Warranty Claim and will not be covered by the Agpro Warranty.

Contact our helpful technical staff for assistance.   CONTACT US >

Replacement parts at most times are simple to install as Agpro will be able to assist with any technical advice needed fitting replacement parts.

Agpro also provides labour free coverage for onsite repair at our workshop and which the purchaser will bare for all freight charges each way associated with transport.