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Are you cleaning up after a big storm or other inclement weather? If you’re trying to get rid of fallen trees on a farm or other large outdoor property, you might find yourself in need of a wood chipper. Finding a wood chipper for sale near you is an excellent way to make sure that your farm is always quickly restored after a weather emergency, or that you can clear land efficiently if you’re trying to develop a new area.

Alternately, if you need to recycle wood into chips or sawdust for commercial or manufacturing purposes, wood chippers are going to be utterly necessary. To buy a wood chipper, though, you’ll want to do some research beforehand. Specifically, you’ll want to make sure that the wood chipper you buy can handle the kind of work you’re going to demand from it.

Wood chippers should maintain a consistent cutting flow, feeding wood directly into the blades so that the process doesn’t get interrupted or held up. You want to be able to chip an entire tree in one go if you have to, not stop and readjust every couple of minutes. That’s why you can’t just buy any wood chipper. A little research goes a long way in this department.

One place where you can buy wood chippers made with highly functional designs is Agpro, a company that is quickly changing the expectations people have for their outdoor power tools. Our wood chippers provide minimal amounts of vibrating and are made to put less strain on their bearings, creating much smoother operating conditions and allowing you to perform your work more quickly, more efficiently, and more safely than other products.


Agpro is quickly making a name for itself, and as more people catch on to our products we’re making efforts to get them out to customers across the country. No matter where you have wood that needs chipping, you’ll be able to get your Agpro tools delivered to you reliably. We use multiple courier companies; through which we provide several shipping options so that you can get your products delivered right to your door or pick them up from a depot. Best of all, we do this without adding any margins so that you won’t pay any more for our products to be delivered than you would for the delivery of anything else.

Find the Right Model

Agpro offers many different wood chippers for sale, each of which functions better in certain circumstances. The 100TH Hydraulic chipper is perfect for hard and knotted wood, while the 100T is designed with flow and smooth operation in mind. When you contact us about these or any of our other models, we’ll be able to give you the full rundown of their specs and intended purposes. Just call Agpro today with your questions, and let us help you narrow it down to the wood chipper you need.

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