Agpro is a reliable and innovative Australian company that offers an extensive range of quality agricultural products and implements to farmers, landowners and commercial operators located across the country.

Our scope of implements is reliable and able to meet all your lawn care, soil management, and farming needs. From tractor flail mowers to hydraulic wood chipperspost hole diggersrotary hoes, tractor slashers, backhoes, hay and material handling equipment and more, we have one of the widest ranges of machinery from tractor implements, front end loader attachments and excavator attachments to suit all of your farming or industrial needs.

When you shop at Agpro, you’ll notice all of our products are designed and manufactured with the highest quality parts and advanced technologies. Which in turn, allows for better efficiency, increased productivity and optimal performance – whether you’re out on the farm or on a worksite.

For the widest range of implements and tractor attachments, rely on Agpro.

‘Taking The Load Out Of Purchasing Equipment’

Lets’ be honest… Researching and shopping for tractor implements and attachments takes heaps of time and energy.

If you’ve already bought them before, you know what we mean.

The emails and phone calls with sales reps, searching for the machines you’re interested in on the budget you have, negotiating price and organising delivery all bites into a lot of your time and energy. Yes, time spent on research is part of the process, but time is also money.

So if you’d prefer to spend your time proactively instead of chasing equipment, answering endless phone calls or replying email after email, you’ll fit right with us.

You see, we’ve been involved in the tractor and earthmoving machinery business for quite a few years.

And while we do not know your specific needs yet, let’s just say we have a pretty good idea what you need from your equipment to do and how you need them to perform based on our experience and service to others over the decades of industry experience.

Secondly, we all know there is no shortage of tractor implements and attachments on the market. Although most may have great price points, when it comes to quality, design, safety & performance many will let you down, so be wary of those.

Third, whatever type of machinery and equipment you’re considering purchasing, the truth is, there are purchasing MISTAKES. And you know yourself these mistakes can cost you more than just money if you’re not careful.

Then, of course, there’s the price, service and the benefits you’re receiving, not only with the equipment you’re buying, but also with the supplier you’re buying them from.

The reality is that when it comes to buying the right equipment – you only get one chance to ‘get it right!’

Why else do farming and agricultural businesses and road maintenance companies and others use our equipment?

 Well, one reason is you’re buying directly from us or our dealers, so you’re slashing thousands of dollars off the price without sacrificing performance, quality, safety, service or warranty!

You can tell us what type of tractor implement or attachment or other machinery you’re looking for and if we do not have it, we’ll do the legwork for you. Our farming and agriculture, construction, road maintenance companies and others clients love this service, and you will too. You’ll save a lot of time and energy finding and negotiating on the farm machinery you need so you can focus on what you do best.

We’re also 100% Australian owned and operated and currently have an extensive range of farm machinery, so there is something to suit most operators and businesses. And if you’re not sure which size will suit your needs and tasks best, please call us for some FREE advice.

We can also arrange delivery or pickup either from our premises or allocated Agpro Dealers of your equipment direct or freighted to you anywhere in Australia. Plus, all our equipment meet Australian Standards and we’re experts at putting together a mixed order of different machinery for your budget.